Are you experiencing “hair-tearing” frustrations from “slow-to-respond” sites and the tedious/repeated task of “to-and-fro requests” for corrections in information submitted by sites?
One of MERCLINCO’s key differentiators, The MERCLINCO Central Hub Team has a solution for your problems, which will lessen your workload in an effective and efficient manner. Saving you time, frustrations, energy, resources & money – Quicker & Better.
The following are done on behalf of all our sites, for all studies, at a Central Hub (One Stop Shop):


  1. Feasibilities – top level within 48 hours. Detailed feasibilities from sites – 3 to 5 working days.
  2. Site selection – through our personal relationships with the investigators and their sites, developed over decades, we are able select the best suited sites for the  best possible outcome for a specific protocol.
  3. Budgets – 2 to 4 weeks – will cover all selected sites.
  4. Contracts – concurrently with budgets, includes all selected sites, is also 2 to 4 weeks.
  5. Vendor Management on behalf of the Sponsor – also for “non-MERCLINCO” studies – Accredited SMO.
  6. Source Notes for each study – continuous review and streamline-updates as the study progresses.
  7. Standardised SOP’s, ISF’s & PSF’s – CRA’s appreciate this the most.
  8. Reduced study timelines due to quicker study start-up.
  9. Rapid Recruitment strategies and on-site assistance to sites.
  10. Good retention – on average circa 95% to 98%.
  11. Standardised Quality processes – all quality queries for any site directed to the Central Hub Quality Team – quick response – accurate and consistent data.
  12. Continuous training and development of site staff – MERCLINCO Training & Development Unit.
  13. Audit Preps – assistance for audits – Real-Time “FDA Audit Readiness” – another differentiator.
  14. Invoicing & Billing – Sponsor receives invoices for all sites from the Hub – Payment made, for all sites to the Hub which then reconciles and effects payment to the relevant sites. Payment enquiries are directed to the Hub.