Patient Recruitment & Retention

Dedicated Patient Engagement Team (creative design, central recruitment campaigns and tele-screening).

Experienced in patient centric, country specific recruitment materials to engage and recruit patients.

Develop data driven recruitment strategies. Pro-active approach to patient pre-identification for expedited FPI.

Experienced and adaptable to working alongside client PR teams to facilitate central campaigns and innovative approaches.

Extensive MERC database of consented patients with their brief medical history – The “TAP” Programme.

Strong Healthcare Partnership Team working with General Practitioners, Pharmacists, Clinics & Hospitals – Government & private network of Specialists to facilitate referrals.

Conventional recruitment material: printed flyers, pamphlets, posters, etc.

Digital marketing: Social media, TV, Video on Demand and Radio based outreach initiatives.

Community outreach: Established “CABs” = Community Advisory Boards, Door to door recruitment, Health awareness days, Bring a buddy, etc.

Patient engagement initiatives (webcasts, engagement platforms).