Centralised Clinical Trials Through Time-LinesMERCLINCO’s CHS

Centralised Hub Service


  1. It is a central point of contact for all issues at any one of our global sites – you may address your problem/ query directly with our CHS and they will resolve it
  2. Turnaround times for response are max of 48 Hours
  3. We will navigate, in the different countries, on your behalf, the minefield of different;
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Registration requirements for staff
    • Languages
    • Cultural belief systems – very important for study feasibilities, recruitment practices and retention methodologies
    • Logistics support – MERCLINCO SMO has these networks in place in the countries we operate
    • Relationships with the entire ecosystem of clinical trials in each of the countries we operate – established over many years of working together and building trust through delivering on our commitments with integrity, quality and on time – mostly ahead of schedule
  4. Stability assurance at site level – staff training and continuity of trials as per contractual commitments